Audio Engineer

Orange Media Network

September 2017


June 2019

  • Providing technical support for productions, assisting Chief Engineer in troubleshooting damaged/malfunctioning equipment in the facility, leading audio production and sometimes overall production for live and post-produced music performance sessions.

  • Developed strong learning relationships with professional staff at this facility. 


Live Sound Engineer

Bombs Away Cafe, Harmonic Sound Services

July 2018


June 2019

  • Stage and monitor setup, micing a wide variety of artists, front of house mixing, monitor mixing, communicating with artists regarding their needs, operating a live sound system in a time-sensitive environment consistently well. 

  • During special event sound production with Harmonic Sound Services, gained experience unpacking, setting up, operating and packing PA systems neatly and quickly.


Owner, Audio Engineer

Two Cent Productions

May 2018



  • Video, audio, and photo production company. Finding and working with clients, accommodating a wide variety of production types, carrying out high quality productions as a team, maintaining reliable customer service and meeting important deadlines.

  • For more information, visit our website at


Manager, Audio Engineer

Sam Lay Mobile Recording

July 2017



  • Advertising, booking, traveling to clients and recording high-fidelity audio with professional equipment, mixing and mastering recordings, communicating effectively with clients and meeting deadlines with best possible results, and coordinating releases in regards to promotion, distribution, promotional touring and more.  


Recording Engineer

Anjuna Recording Studio

Starting Fall 2019

  • Operation of a professional recording studio while working with clients to achieve their specific goals in a timely manner, extensive routing of input and output signals via snakes, patchbays, and digital routing softwares, studio promotion and client acquisition.